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To set up your internship, you need to know the following information:


Department Internship Coordinator: Person from Boise State University who is coordinating internships for the program in which you are enrolled. Below (point #7) is a list of Kinesiology Department Internship Coordinators.

Internship Supervisor: Person from the community who is working most directly with you at your internship site.

Important Information

  1. You must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher to seek an internship.
  2. Students are responsible for going out, making connections, and seeking internships at sites that are similar to the potential future career choices. Kinesiology Department faculty can make recommendations for internship placements but it is up to you to make the preliminary connection and convince them that they should hire you as an intern. You can check BroncoJobs on the Career Center website for internship opportunities, and internship opportunities will be posted on bulletin boards in the Kinesiology Building. A complete copy of the “Internship Manual” with policies and procedures is also located on the Career Center website. It is a good idea to read that and take a copy along with you to prospective internship supervisors.
  3. One (1) credit hour = forty-five (45) hours of internship. So, if you do a 3-credit internship, you will need to complete 135hours at your internship site during the semester. Work with your Internship Supervisor to develop a realistic schedule that will work for both of you. You can work any number of hours per week as long as it is realistic for you and your internship site.
  4. The deadline to submit your internship application to the Registrar’s Office is typically the 8th week of a semester. However, the deadline will be different every semester and can be found at the Registrars website. The “Internship Application for Academic Credit” is located on the Career Center website. Print that out for your records because you’ll need a signature from your Internship Supervisor and the Department Internship Coordinator.
  5. Students registering for an internship must complete the Internship Workshop during the semester in which they are receiving academic credit for the internship. This workshop is offered through the Career Center as a one-hour, on-line, narrated PowerPoint presentation. Quiz results from this training session should be turned in to your Department Internship Coordinator no later than two weeks into your internship.
  6. Work with your Internship Supervisor to develop a list of goals and objectives for the internship. Consider these questions: What do you want to get out of it? What does your Internship Supervisor or the organization for whom you are working want to get out of it? A sample work plan for setting up your internship is available from your Department Internship Coordinator. Also, develop an evaluation system. How will you be evaluated? Who will do your evaluation? Will you be evaluated at midterm and/or at the end? The Career Center internship website has some recommendations for evaluation forms. Use those, or develop one that works for the two of you. Your Internship Supervisor will need to write a final evaluation letter to your Coordinator, but may also agree to provide you with written feedback during the internship period.  Tie your evaluation to your goals and objectives where possible.
  7. Internship Coordinators for the Kinesiology Department vary depending on your area of emphasis.
    • Dave Hammons—Athletic Training (426-4863)
    • Tim Kempf—Exercise Science (426-4270)
    • Taylor Thompson—Exercise Science (426-4270)
    • Dr. Shelley Lucas, Graduate Program Coordinator—Graduate student internships (426-2446)
  8. Your Department Internship Coordinator will communicate with your Internship Supervisor a minimum of once during the semester to discuss how you are doing. You will be expected to maintain a log of hours worked and to write regular (bi-monthly or more frequently) journal entries documenting your internship progress. In these journal entries, you should include information about what you are doing, what you are learning, bright spots, disappointments, burning questions, etc.
  9. Your Department Coordinator will submit your grade to the Registrar’s Office. To receive full credit for your internship, you will need to: (1) submit your journal entries to your Coordinator bi-monthly or more frequently, (2) submit your complete log of hours worked, signed by your Supervisor, (3) and have your Supervisor submit a final evaluation letter to your Coordinator. This letter should contain information about your job responsibilities, significant accomplishments, and strengths and weaknesses as an employee. Your materials should be submitted to your Internship Coordinator via email, or fax it to 208-426-1894, or hand deliver it to the Kinesiology Department administrative office.
  10. If you or your Internship Supervisor have any problems during the process, feel free to contact your Internship Coordinator. You may want to print this information and take it with you to your first meeting with your Internship Supervisor.

Contact one of the Department Internship Coordinators if you have additional questions.

If you have questions regarding HEP (Health Education & Promotion) Internships.